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Learn French with First French Tutoring

1. It’s the ultimate travel companion

With French in your back pocket, it’s time to hit the road! French is a fantastic choice for avid travellers, with 29 countries across all five continents listing French as an official language. So regardless of whether you want to visit Belgium, French Polynesia or Quebec, taking the time to learn travel vocabulary with First French Tutoring in California for Travel course will enable you to speak with locals, order at restaurants, learn about the local culture, and get off the tourist trail.

2. French is the language of love

No one can resist a cool accent, and the French accent is certainly one of the most swoon-worthy, with its soft sounds and melodious rhythm. In fact, many people see speaking a foreign language as a sign of intelligence, attractiveness and confidence. So, as you improve your French speaking skills with our French Pronunciation course.

3. Expand your Netflix choices

Sick of scrolling through the same boring Netflix categories? Learn French and suddenly you’ll open up a whole new world of French TV. Try Lupin, the charming criminal mastermind from Paris will have you hooked, or Dix pour cent (Call My Agent), which takes you into the ritzy world of French talent management.

4. Boost your employability

Learn French to improve your job opportunities around the world and open doors to a professional career at major companies around the globe. French was the dominant language during many formative moments in history, and it’s still a key language in the fields of law, business, and international relations.

Today, French is the official language of many international organizations such as the Red Cross, the UN, the IMF, the Olympics and the European Union. So if you want to pursue a career internationally, our French for Business course offers an official language level certification from First French Tutoring to make your CV stand out from the crowd.

5. Eat the best pastries

Paris alone has over 30,000 boulangeries serving up the kinds of sweet treats people travel across the world to sample. So how do you know where to find the best croissant, pain au chocolat and croque monsieur? Ask the locals!

Learning French with First French Tutoring in California will make a visit to Paris – or any other place in France – so much more enjoyable. Instead of relying on Google for recommendations, you’ll have a much more authentic (and delicious) experience by asking Parisians for their favourite haunts. Trust us, that old stereotype of ‘rude Parisians’ will quickly disappear when you begin with a friendly Bonjour, Madame.

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